The Insider View: Five steps to succeed as a remote worker

The Insider View: Five steps to succeed as a remote worker

Looking for some expert advice on remote working? Dave Williamson, Group IT Adviser & NodeJS Projects Owner with Barcelona based start-up Kodify gives his insider tips on how to grab the dream remote work position.

Set realistic salary goals

Be reasonable about how much you want to earn! We would all love to work from some idyllic beach setting, earning a high six-figure salary – but the truth is that if you want a top salary, work in London or New York or California. The reason these jobs pay so much, is that the cost of working and living has been taken into consideration.

Be truthful about your talents

Always be real about your skills. You may be at the top of your game in your locality, but on a global scale there are some very seriously talented people out there – always remember the competition for a role will be high. If you oversell your abilities, it will just be a waste of everyone’s time. If you are totally honest about your skill level you’ll find that the honesty is respected and you will benefit from learning from your team mates. In short, don’t always try to be the ‘Rock Star’!

Prepare to get vocal

A remote worker must also be an excellent communicator especially with email and chat applications – when communication stops between the team, the team starts to fail. Here at Kodify, we have Slack open pretty much 24/7 and have channels for projects, alerts, marketing and so on, but also for jokes, funny memes etc.  We communicate throughout the day this way regardless of if we are in the office or not. Everyone always feels included and knows what is going on.

Mark your tech territory 

Once hired, the biggest thing for a remote worker is to define a proper ‘office space’ within their home. It’s very easy for spouses, partners and children to assume because a member of the family works from home, they are available is if they are having a day off! It took me quite a while to make my own family understand this, but it is key to working from home successfully. Working remotely, and being given that trust and flexibility, means you need to reciprocate that – be flexible, be trustworthy.

Get disciplined

Additionally, when you have a defined ‘office space’ you mentally can start and finish work, rather than just having the laptop ‘around’. This allows you down time, which is equally important to us as the work time.  I actually have two laptops, one for work, the other for personal stuff and I pretty much won’t deviate from keeping them exclusively for their intended use. This sort of discipline is critical to ensuring remote working works well.

Kodify is a website development and marketing company based in Barcelona.