How to become a Digital Nomad

How to become a Digital Nomad

It’s the professional buzzword for the Millennial generation. From bloggers in Bali to UX developers in Lisbon, Digital Nomads have the most enviable gig in town. How can you become one? Here are time five steps to take the jump.

1. Have the right job

Being in the field of dreams helps. Remote working is perfectly suited to the footloose fields of media, marketing or tech. The tech industry has an infinite inventory for remote working jobs, with software developers, web designers, copywriters and graphic designers all in red-hot demand. Want it? Take a look at our top job listings here and start your journey

2. Get the OK from HQ

If you’re a freelancer…happy days. If not, you’ll need to have that conversation with your boss before removing yourself from the team five-a-side league. His or her questions? How will you be able to perform your duties remotely? Could a time difference effect your deliverables? If you’ve got the right answers, awesome. Start planning. Just be open and realistic about goals and targets from both sides: a trial period is always a great place to start.

3. Pick an awesome location

Just Imagine it. An early morning snorkel before retiring to your cabana workspace for some morning emailing. And then you’ve no signal. Dreaming of remote working paradise is one thing, but selecting a compatible destination is another. Choose a location that meets your professional needs; be it a Nordic wilderness with killer 4G or a surfer’s paradise with an amazing co-working space. And it doesn’t have to be remote. It could be Svalbard….or San Francisco. Get inspired with our trending destinations here.

4. Prep your departure

In order to hit the ground running when when you arrive your destination, do some planning before you land. From sourcing your accommodation to lining up some co-working space visits. Or both: the emergence of co-working spaces where you can also live is the hottest trend is travel right now!

5. Own the mindset

The biggest challenge for a digital nomad can be perfecting the work / life balance. Living in some of the most incredible places in the world, you’ll be forgiven for finding distractions. But stay focussed and on-task to make it work: setting yourself daily or weekly targets is a great way to achieve this. And for goodness sake, turn your out-of-office off email. This is your office now