Tips for building your remote working career

Tips for building your remote working career

Here are some of the best resources we can find online to help you build your remote working career.

Setting up your company

You’re going to need a company if you’re going to set yourself up as a freelancer. The good news is that you choose where you setup your company. have done an excellent job in showing the way to setup a US based company and accept online payments. Definitely take a look at Atlas, their navigation aid for remote working.

The Estonian government is doing some amazingly progressive work to attract remote workers. They want your business and they’re making it easy. A local startup called LeapIn can help you setup your company in Estonia, open bank accounts and file your taxes online. A zero percent corporation tax on profits that stay in the company is nice too. More here.

Finally, if you want to set up a company where you currently live, talk to your local accountant. In most countries you pay a setup fee and have an obligation to provide an annual return to the local tax authorities. Remember, even if you set up a company in one country it’s likely that you’ll have to pay personal income tax wherever you are currently domiciled.

Finding a job

More and more companies are opening up to hiring remote workers. Here’s a list of job boards for remote software and design positions:

We Work Remotely Brought to you by the good people at 37 Signals, pioneers of remote work culture. $200 to post an ad.

Remote Working Co For people who don’t like to go to work. $99 to post a job ad.

Remote OK The interface is a little clunky but they’ve got some good roles.

Making a move

Here are a couple of sites to help you plan and make your move. is a great resource with crowdsourced information related to the cost of living in different cities. helps you figure out where you might want to live and how you might go about moving there. One of the essential tools for any move. helps you find the best cities to live and work remotely.

Living with remote workers

There’s a whole new category of co-living spaces popping up where you can live alongside fellow remote workers. Here’s a selection:

The Surf Office is one of our favourites and one of the first. Great culture and great people with locations in Lisbon, Gran Canaria and more probably the time you’re reading this. Check them out. is brought to you by the people at WeWork. So far they’re only open in New York and DC but you can expect a pretty quick roll out.

Common is brought to you by the good folks at General Assembly in New York. So far only available in New York, DC and San Fran. We haven’t stayed in one yet but they look great.

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